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Emily Erickson Speaks On Shaping the Dynamic Workplace With Corporate Furniture Trends

These Drivers Are Changing the Face of the Office

  • The imperative to control cost
  • A profound generational shift in the workforce
  • The transforming impact of technology
  • Competitive advantage through innovation



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Download Presentation: Emily-Erickson-corporate-furniture-2014-workplace trend

Furniture by Knoll


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Free Seminar: How Ergonomics Can Work to Your Advantage

Learn how to improve your employees’ everyday productivity and comfort thru the use of proper

There are many myths surrounding the word “ergonomics”. What’s true, what’s not? What tools are most popular and why? How much do they cost? Is there a ROE? All of these questions will be answered as well as demonstrations given on HOW you and your employees should sit, move and work in order to produce better ...

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