It Takes a Team!

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Being a small business owner can be both invigorating and frustrating, often at the same time! What helps level the peaks and valleys of running a growing small business is the knowledge that as a small business owner, there is a team ready to step in and assist.  This was especially true recently for Stephanie Wojcik, owner of Budget Blinds of Naperville and Budget Blinds of Aurora. When her business reached the crucial point where it was time to move out of running it from her house and into a storefront, she called on her team!

In this case it was the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Team B2B (Business to Business).  It started with team member Rick Lochner from RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. who helped Stephanie improve her business practices to put her in the best position to move into a new storefront.  To find that perfect location she reached out to team member Christina Caton Kitchel of Caton Commercial Real Estate Group who helped Stephanie find the right new location.  In the process, she recognized her need for both top-notch legal assistance and technical expertise to help complete the move so she tapped into the services of team members Tom Oddo of Lillig and Thorsness, LTD and Jeff Hayes, IT Director for CDH respectively.  All in all, it spoke to the value of having a team of trusted business owners who can individually or collectively step in as needed!

On November 2, 2016, Stephanie will cut the ribbon on Budget Blinds of Naperville’s new location at 1807 South Washington Street in Naperville in the presence of Team B2B and other Naperville businesspeople.  It will once again be a tribute to the team member’s individual and collective contributions to another member’s success!

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