I Got A Team!

We are used to hearing “I got a guy!” in Chicago circles. In the case of Dr. Justin Hunter who was moving his chiropractic business, Pure Health & Wellness, to a new Naperville location, he heard “I got a Team!”

In this case it was the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Team B2B (Business to Business). It started with team member Christina Caton Kitchel of Caton Commercial Real Estate who helped Dr. Hunter find the right new location. In the process, she recognized his need for business coaching and brought in team member Rick Lochner from RPC Leadership Associates, Inc. to help Dr. Hunter improve his business and put him in the best position to move. Needing both legal assistance and architectural expertise to help close the deal, Dr. Hunter tapped into the services of team members Tom Oddo of Coman and Associates, P.C. and Kevin Peterson of K. Peterson Associates, Inc. respectively. Finally, needing financing to fund the move, he turned to team member and Business Banker Erich Kroll of PNC Bank to support his financing needs.


On November 4, 2014, Naperville Mayor Pradel cut the ribbon on Dr. Hunter’s new location at 213 W. Jefferson Avenue in Naperville in the presence of Team B2B and other Naperville businesspeople. It was a tribute to the team member’s individual and collective contributions to a singular client’s success!


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